Saturday, 7 September 2013

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Google Keyword Tool Is Officially Dead, Replaced by Keyword Planner Tool

I’ve used the external Google Adwords Keyword Tool (GAKT) for many years to research keyword metrics before buying keyword domain names. Not only did the GAKT let me know the approximate number of monthly searches for specific keywords and terms, but it also suggested similar search terms.I know many domain investors used GAKT for research, and Google has killed it off.

When I visited GAKT this morning, I was sent to a page with the following message at the top “Keyword Planner has replaced Keyword Tool.” The page explained how the Keyword Planner tool is taking over for the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

I learned about this change a few months ago when Google announced that it would be happening. The company didn’t set a date for GAKT’s demise, but apparently this happened very recently.

Prior to GAKT, I used the Overture Keyword Tool, and that tool was taken down by Yahoo several years ago. With that in mind, I am sure I will figure out how the Keyword Planner tool will be helpful to my research, and hopefully it will be an improvement over GAKT. Time will tell though.

Good bye GAKT, it was nice knowing you...!! :(
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